I’m On a Quest

Recently I did a brief IC exercise of authoring my own story in paint. Through the layers the new declaration simmered down to “I am open to living in truth and joy.” These two things are significant to me and have to do with rewriting my old story which is full of sadness, disappointment and (out of fear) being reluctant to show up fully and speak my truth and be all of who I am. I believe this vision quest will touch these areas and challenge that old story even further as I go on this journey with a willing heart.

I am questing for wisdom—for my own life and for the lives of those who gather with me.
I quest for healing of those places which haven’t met healing yet, and to become more of a healer in my sphere of influence.
My quest includes a desire to develop a spontaneity that takes risks. I expect this training will provide plenty of opportunities to test that!
I seek to become a sturdier oak that stands in the storms and winds and whose roots are comfortably secure deep below the surface.
I quest to develop the visionary gifting I already have and use it more fully to stand alongside my community with discernment and insight, and in teaching and servant-leadership.
I am questing with curiosity for what I will see that I don’t yet see that will lead me along my path and that will connect me with others—with those who share the desire for transformation using simple tools of paintbrushes, prayers, inquiry, and reflection. We will fan each other’s flame and be amazed at how we upset the status quo.
My quest is to be led by the Spirit and not to say “No”, because there’s no time to waste.

Originally posted March 25, 2017


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