My First Red Thread Circle

I incorporated a Red Thread Circle into the flow of my final Art Lab class for the spring session. This is a group that has bonded, shared their hearts and their creative experiments over the last two seasons, and some of them for even longer. It seemed a good time to introduce the idea of the red thread. They already felt connected to each other and were very open to this ritual.

We began with a time of centering, focusing on the healing rhythm of ebb and flow of our breath, then moved into a meditation on the wisdom of the seasons and healing rhythm of blossoming, fullness, letting go, and rest.

I told about the meaning of the red thread, some of the various legends, and a couple of the ways it shows up through Scripture. There was a lot of openness and interest. I explained how we would pass the red thread around and each take enough to wind around our wrist as we shared from the inquiry. holding-threadI based the question on the meditation about the seasons in which I had led them to look for a place of winter in their life that still needed tending. So I shared first a place that needing tending in my life and passed the red thread. When the thread came back to me, we passed the scissors, cut it and helped each other tie it onto our wrists.

We moved into our exploration time of our topic where the class participants reflect on written questions before we begin our art time. The art comes out of a soul place of listening. The art portion is always an enjoyable time of working through the creative steps of the process for that week. One person hit a snag in their creative steps and I told them they could tug on the red thread for support, so they did and they received some encouragement. I think we’ll probably be able to refer back to that from now on.


We closed the Red Thread Circle with a share about a place in our life where we are open to new blossoming. I read a part of the poem “Remember You” from The Way of the Red Thread. We also had a final share of showing the art we had worked on for the night. The whole thing lasted a little over two hours.


Making art while wearing the Red Thread on our wrists.


One in our group put the Red Thread into her art.


Final share of art for the night.


3 thoughts on “My First Red Thread Circle

  1. Jennifer,, your Red Thread Circle sounds like it was so enjoyable and rich, providing more imagery and symbolism for your art container. I’ve done Red Thread circles both with groups that were already “gelled”, acquainted with each other, and with completely new strangers. (Though not strangers for very long.) The most poignant was with my long term Story Circle after the funeral of one of our members who had died of breast cancer. You seem already quite skilled in this type of facilitation, and the Red Thread is just one more tool in your medicine basket.


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