Soulful Story Cards

How do you transform existing beliefs that are limiting? One way is to use creativity as a vehicle to cause a shift in thinking. The Soulful Story process uses watercolor paper and paint to create cosmic flashcards with a theme like “release and claim.” And they are indeed flashy with color and glitter!

I found doing this process to be helpful in identifying negative beliefs about every area of my life. Coming up with believable soul-affirming antidotes to the negative beliefs pushed me (in a good way) to enlarge my thinking. I found new possibilities that could shift the stories I usually default to, to help me move away from judgement and discouragement. One of the over-arching themes I began to see related to the struggle to trust myself to make big decisions. I’m imagining how much courage I will gain as these beliefs shift!


Painting the page


I think the process would be good for a longer workshop. The physical hands-on part of ripping the cards took quite a bit of time and was hard on my wrist. I might try lighter weight paper next time. I wonder if there is a way to work in pairs that could make it easier?


Ripping the cards

Otherwise the inquiry and the painting were powerful ways of engaging with the theme and I can see that this could be done with a number of themes at different times.




Title phrases









Cover and red thread tie


One thought on “Soulful Story Cards

  1. Jennifer, your Soulful Story Cards are beautiful AND affirming! I love how your affirmations are so personal, and are phrased in ways that your own spirit can take in and believe, right now. It’s sometimes really hard to find the affirmation in the old limiting stories. In groups, it’s sometimes a challenge to facilitate participants helping other participants come up with the affirmations, exactly because one size doesn’t fit all —- it has to be believable, now, today, yet still have lots of room for the story we want to grow into. I think you’ll be quite a resource for others in doing this. Regarding the tearing of the cards, I’ve found that folding back and forth several times, along with pressing with a bone folder (or plastic scissors’ handle), then wetting the crease thoroughly and letting the water really sink in, is helpful. It’s still hard, though. If done in a group, perhaps some wonderful music playing while this is happening would be meditative and evocative.


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