My Medicine Basket

I love the idea of the medicine basket being the symbol of a container of healing that we bring to our beloveds and to the world. I think it would be an encouraging process for anyone who wants to explore or reaffirm their own gifts. It is simple enough to accomplish in a couple of hours or a little less, or even longer if more sharing or ritual is involved.
My overarching affirmation statement is:

I am a woman who brings beauty for healing and transformation.


The gifts I decided upon for the basket are:

  • I create environments of beauty and welcome.
  • My creative mind envisions the unseen.
  • I create sacred space for contemplation and connection.
  • I am passionate about releasing self expression.
  • I bring healing art for your soul.
  • My heart is loyal to my friends.

The symbol that is represented in the space under the handle is a rose, which speaks of beauty and transformation.

I noticed that I had an uncomfortable feeling about the way my affirmation of my gifts in the basket sounded. Something like, “How dare I write such glowing affirmations?” Shame alert! This tells me that my beloveds might feel the same and be reluctant to be super positive and affirming about their own gifts. I want to note to give them permission to not edit and to be quite affirming about what they bring!


One thought on “My Medicine Basket

  1. Yes! I’m so glad that you immediately recognized that your “shame alert” is something that your beloveds may very well feel in doing this workshop. We’re so not allowed to say wonderful things about ourselves in a misguided attempt to be humble —- where humility actually means knowing the truth about yourself, shadow and golden shadow as well.
    This is a versatile workshop, where many other images than “basket” can be used. One of my other students used it as a literal picnic basket. Others have used backpacks, and pouches, and “totebags”. For my son (18 at the time), he used a medicine pouch, and a man who came to my workshop painted a quiver with each of the arrows holding his gifts.
    The rose, as you probably already know, is filled with similar symbolism as the lotus; the rose is to the west what the lotus is to the east. Both taking mud or gunk, and using it to bring out a beautiful manifestation of enlightenment. Also, roses love bone meal and can be nurtured by blood. Lots to meditate on there regarding our so often metaphorically bruised bones and spilt blood in life —- another manifestation of the life-death-life cycle.


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