House of the Heart

What are the stories we carry about home and belonging?

Working with the universal symbols of the heart and a simple house can uncover long-held beliefs and move them to consciousness. Giving attention to rewriting the old messages and creating a space for the new story to reside is a creative way to re-wire old thought patterns to see a shift in a short amount of time.
Working through this process reminded me how much I felt different from peers while growing up. As a teen I often felt that others knew something about the universe and the way life worked that I didn’t know. I felt ignorant, awkward, and disconnected. As an only child I didn’t really have anyone to sort through things with. I retreated to avoid conflict and embarrassment. It was helpful for me to call up this story and then to call in a new story of belonging that could be chosen and lived into. My affirmations are:

I always belong here. There is room to change and grow. There is space for me.

I’m looking forward to offering this session to a few different groups. One is an existing group of teens who are pretty much on the fringes but meet together each month and are a tight supportive group. Another is a single mom’s group, and the third is my Art Lab regulars. Since the need this topic addresses is a baseline one that affects our outlook, it could be really strengthening to shift some core insecurities that these groups of people face, or any group that is willing to do some self-inquiry.