Dream Theme Worksheet

I’m thankful for these assignments which cause me to make space for journaling and looking within. It’s hard to imagine formulating this information without them. My journal is just about full. I found another blank sketchbook on sale today so I am set for the rest of the vision quest. I started listing workshop topics a couple of months ago and  reviewed and added to them for this worksheet.

Overarching Themes

• The over-arching message I want to communicate in my workshops is:
Through Intentional Creativity we can listen to our inner voice of wisdom, connect our mind to our heart, connect to our Divine Source, and make choices about how we want to move ahead.

• The healing or transformation I want to see in the world is:
Each of us committed to our personal transformation so that we can work together in community on issues that affect us all.

• The issues I see in the world are:

-Inequality especially based on gender and race

-Fear-based extremism which polarizes and separates

-Disconnection from God/Creator/Source and a spiritual contemplative path

-Lack of understanding and care for the earth and environment

Specific Themes
• The different themes I can see connected to what I care about are:
-Connection with Source

-Connection with Self

-Connection with Others

-Connection with Earth

-Living with Purpose

-Living Consciously

• The workshop themes that correlate to that might be:
-Moments as Sacred Spaces: finding, creating, and living in Presence
-Hearing My Own Heart: the wisdom story keeper
-Women As Life-Givers
-Transitions: weathering difficult seasons
-Divine Touch: the part of God you need right now
-Being Free: a soulful journey through creative expression
-Shame is not My Name: unfolding a new story
-Empowered for Purpose: accessing your piece of the Red Thread
-Beauty Keeper: celebrating your part in the natural world
-Awake: walking consciously on your path

• The people that are my Beloveds are dealing with issues like:
-Not knowing their purpose

-Not having a voice

-Not taking time to explore and reflect

-Not expressing themselves

-Needing healing from past wounds that hold them back

-Feeling shame and lack of self-worth

Dream Theme
• If I could teach or cause anything it would be:
-A connection with the Divine and development of a spiritual path

-Empowerment for each to be who they were created to be

-Connection to others

Personal Theme
• If I was known as a teacher, I would love to be known for or remembered for:
Creating environments where Beauty is experienced, where connection to self and the Divine are facilitated, where healing happens, and where creativity is used as a vehicle for transformation.


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