Vision Plan

Dreams and visions in 8 folding panels

What is my sacred work in the world?
What form will the expression of my own unique voice take?
How will it attend to the great need that I see in the world?


These are important questions, but not ones that are usually part of any sort of business plan. This bottom line has more to do with calling than with finances. Calling does not automatically unfold without fear, though. The fear that has followed me around and eats away at my self worth is the fear of being shamed and invalidated. It wants to hold me back from my calling. If I want to feel that I matter and my unique work in this world is needed, I will have to tap into something real that’s been with me from the beginning, the things that are important to me, and the things that light me up.

I believe three things dear to me are creativity, connection, and mystery. I enjoyed spending time coloring or doing any art-related activities as a child. I liked the natural world and learning about science. I loved my animals. Though I spent a lot of time alone, I also enjoyed sports and friends. By the ninth grade I was creating things (crafts) and leading others in creating projects to sell as fundraisers. I designed a winning homecoming parade float in high school. In college I took art and eventually majored in photographic design. After graduating I wanted to use my skills in outreach for something that had purpose. I had experienced finding a spiritual path that made so much difference for me, and I wanted to be involved in helping others grow in the same way through a Divine connection. These are some pieces of my story that reflect who I am.

I am one who creates, curates and facilitates Beauty as invitation to dance with Mystery, the Divine, and true self. Beauty heals, art heals, inquiry enlightens, and the right and left brain connect to the heart, creating capacity for making choices to move forward from a heart of love. This ultimately fosters transformation that reaches outward. I intentionally featured or included a heart on each page of the plan to declare that love must be at the center of all I do each step of the way.



2 thoughts on “Vision Plan

  1. Jennifer, your Vision Plan is beautiful and unique. I notice how your illustrations/designs on the panels are uniquely yours, and very meaningful in relation to what you’ve written. It’s obvious that the whole process was very meditative and reflective. I’m also taken with your color palette —- it’s unitive across all the panels, and are colors that work well together. I notice them because I’ve never put those three colors together before! Two comments arise in me: regarding your Beloveds, you are clear about the type of people they are and what they might be searching for. Now to ask, where will you find people like that? Where do they gather, hang out? How will you create a relationship with them? The other comment is that this Vision Plan process can itself be a valuable Red Thread session to offer: it can be used at the beginning of any kind of project, whether in Strategic Planning for groups, or with a couple entering a marriage partnership, or with a family ready to bring a new child into the home. It’s a great process to ascertain where we are, and who and how we want to be in relation to whatever new process/project we are choosing to engage in. Thank you for entering this wholeheartedly.


    • Cat, Thank you for reflecting on my vision plan. It was so valuable and I can see that it would make a great session on many topics. I appreciate your question about where to find the Beloveds. I tend to think about my present networks, but I am open to casting the net wider and making my invitations more public soon.

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