sm-jen-cam-smHi! I’m Jennifer Herrick. I think of myself as a contemplative creative–or a creative contemplative!

I see my purpose as being a torchbearer for the Divine.  I offer experiential ways to connect the spiritual path and the creative process for exploration, discovery, healing and restoration.

The training and vision quest of Color of Woman is leading me into deeper consciousness about my own story and the legend I want to live into. I want to call out to others to awaken and be who you are created to be.

For over 10 years I have been leading art workshops with an intentional healing focus. These include photography workshops with mindful seeing, Art Lab classes to look at our inner life while having creative fun in the process, mixed media art journaling, and individual art therapy sessions.

I also create and curate hands on contemplative experiences that focus on connecting to God, to ourselves, and to others. These are reflective stations that usually include an action step, making them effective vehicles for transformation.