My Intentional Creativity Lineage

When I think about IC Lineage I think about my creative lineage which goes way back.

Both of my grandmothers and my mother and father were creative. My dad and his mom expressed their love of beauty primarily through gardening and landscape design. My dad was amazing in what he could do and he was tireless at it. Everyone he knew marveled and asked for advice. He also could build anything he put his mind to. I just found out recently that my dad used to draw a lot when my mom first knew him. My mom won awards arranging flowers and could paint and decorate and “make things.” It was a natural part of my life to see creativity and a love of beauty on a daily basis. My mom’s mom is the one I have a special bond to and I see her as a Renaissance woman for her time. She was a city girl who graduated from college (unusual at the time,) taught home economics, taught in a school for the deaf, and ended up living in a farmhouse in the country after marrying. She made beauty happen out of “nothing” because they had very little. She sewed their clothes, cared for chickens and other animals and had a small orchard, grape vines, and a wonderful cutting flower garden with unusual varieties. She provided flowers for the church she attended. She had a quest for knowledge and in her later years continued to take correspondence courses. She loved me unconditionally and shows up in my visioning quite often.

In college I studied fine art and majored in black and white art photography. My main teacher studied under Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, the painter and photographer and professor in the Bauhaus school. I was also somewhat influenced by Man Ray of the Dada and Surrealist movements. I think one of the most important things I learned during that time was to see light, the way it fell on objects, and the way it created tones and layers of depth of exposure onto film and photographic materials. It was magic to me.

I didn’t really follow other teachers after that, but worked in graphic design and photography. I was always doing creative projects, but in the last 10 years drifted toward mixed media, collage and photo-montage. I then began to look around online and found art journaling and tutorials in that direction. The more art workshops I led myself, the more ideas and techniques I found online that I liked and wanted to morph into some of my workshops after I tried them. I also began to paint again, but in spurts with no real direction. I later took longer online workshops with Lisa Sonora, Shelley Klammer, and others I found through different “summits” with a variety of artists. These included Amber K., Shiloh, and also I found Jenafer Joy through Cosmic Cowgirls link. I am not even sure of the chronology, but in looking back at my photos this seems to be the trail of dots.

Enter Intentional Creativity –
Here is my very first IC painting. I had never done journeying or visualizing quite like this when creating pieces. In art school you don’t journey or deal with your issues 🙂
(In this one I saw my grandmother hand me a carved wooden box.) This was around June 2015. I learned about leaving “glow” during this one!

I continued to sign up for classes with Shiloh and was more and more convinced through my own experience that this was a healing process. In workshops that I led, I had long had the mantra “Art Heals” and I wanted my facilitation with others to be as healing as possible. In 2016 I painted my prayers and pain and spiritual devotion into my Cathedral of the Heart painting in Red Madonna for the year. It was transformative. I thought about Color of Woman training as soon as I found out about it, but waited and used the Cathedral of the Heart experience as a time of discernment. It was a big leap of faith for me to sign up for the 2017 training in terms of timing and finances, but what I was sensing and stirred towards was too strong for me to back down. People around me get excited as I talk about the training and what I want to do and they are anxious to sign up for a workshop, so that is a good sign!

With everything in me that is committed to women, to community, to beauty and healing, I am believing that this is the next step on my path. I open my heart to receive what I need to move forward and take things to the next level. And yes, I am quaking in my boots.

Originally posted March 25, 2017

Envisioning Future Teaching

I am walking up to the big stone barn with its doors wide open. It seems to be a place in the country like my grandmother’s land south of Atlanta, but I don’t recognize the barn, but it is perfect for this workshop with lots of windows with natural light. It’s glowing inside with light and candles and I can see women walking around and talking and laughing with each other. The room is large and buzzing with excitement and anticipation. I can see easels set up for 10-15 people. There are large vases of fresh flowers and eclectic music is playing in the background.

Our theme is “knowing and expressing your voice.” I long to help people discover who they are within, find their voice and express themselves.

I feel so excited within, to be there, and to be part of this. I am so happy for this to happen for my beloveds; for there to be a dedicated space that makes them smile just to to enter. I enjoy creating a sacred space in which to journey, to enter into the process, to inquire and explore…and to heal. I think, too about how we will feel even more connected by the end of the workshop, and look forward to the work each one will share with the group.

And now the time is here. I am filled with anticipation.

Originally posted March 15, 2017